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Combat Fitness is a form of exercise that is derived from military training programs, most notably the United States Marines. The program focuses on both aerobic and strength training with minimal specialized equipment and no need for a set exercise location. Combat Fitness revolves around four core tenets: “train like an athlete,” “strive for a harder core,” “take pride in exercise technique” and “don’t allow for any weak spots.”

In 2003, after seeing a significant increase in the number of non-combat injuries, the Marines decided to update their training methods, using the latest exercise-science studies and techniques. It soon was copied by other military programs around the world and in the private sector. Combat conditioning quickly became a popular method for achieving all-around conditioning.

The four tenets of combat conditioning focus on making combat workouts effective, engaging and simple. The first tenet, “train like an athlete,” focuses on power exercises that both strengthen and build impact resistance in order to prevent injuries. The second tenet, “strive for a harder core,” eliminates excess weight from the middle and builds stamina. “Take pride in exercise technique” is the third tenet, and it involves focusing on exercises that improve posture and body alignment in order to prevent injury and maximize workout effectiveness. The final tenet, “do not allow for any weak spots,” emphasizes balanced conditioning in strength, stamina, speed and agility.


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